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Are You a Victim of a Bus Accident?

Many people rely on buses to transport them to work, to school, shopping to appointments and for other activities. Thousands of individuals every day board city buses, school buses, smaller commuter buses and long distance buses such as greyhound, big sports events and tourist buses. When doing so, these thousands of individuals are relying on the competence and safety measures taken by bus drivers and bus companies who employ them, train them and maintain service on the buses. When a driver or bus company employee acts in a negligent manner, whether it is failing to properly maintain equipment, driving too fast, following to closely or some other negligent action or inaction, accidents may occur in which passengers and other motorists are injured or even killed. The bus driver and bus company are ultimately responsible for the safety of passengers they transport as well as others on the road, which often entails a large number of people at any given time.

In a bus accident, passengers on the bus can be harmed through the sudden impact of a collision, such as being thrown to the floor, against seats, windows, rails and other objects. Without seat beats, it is highly likely that bus passengers will sustain injuries in a bus crash. Others may be hurt as well, including the driver and passengers of any other vehicle involves or bicyclists, motorcyclists or pedestrians caught in harms way in a bus accident.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, most bus accidents occur in urban areas, About 1000 people are injured every year in intercity and cross-country bus accidents. The majority of these accidents have been determined to be caused by negligence on the part of the bus driver, the bus company or another driver.

Swan Law Can Help if you are in a Bus Accident?

In the aftermath of a bus accident, you may be seriously injured and unable to attend to the legal details involved in an injury claim. An experience attorney can investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding the bus accident to determine all of the factors which led to the occurrence of such an event. At the Law office of Swan Law we may spend a significant time investigating these factors, including using professionals such as accident reconstruction experts and others who can shed light on who may be responsible for an accident. Where negligence has occurred, whether a driver’s negligence, negligence of the bus company, the bus manufacture or a government agency, legal responsibility and liability may ensue.

Our firm also assists with your claim by thoroughly documenting your medical expenses, what your potential future medical care may be, your lost earnings, future potential loss of earnings and other impacts on your life and future. We have considerable experience in dealing with all these repercussions of an accident and in dealing with claims against large companies or corporations and their insurance carriers. We are NOT AFRAID to aggressively pursue justice for our clients, whether through negotiated settlements or through courtroom litigation if that is the best course of action to take for a fair financial recovery. Let Swan Law Firm work to fully document and manage your injury case and to aggressively fight on your behalf for damages that reflect the full extent of your injuries.

Call Swan Law Firm for the Legal Representation You Deserve

If you or someone you know has been in a bus accident, we can help you determine liability. Investigate the crash site to pinpoint the causes. Collect evidence and witness and expert testimony to defend you case and calculate your losses to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation you need to recover from such a devastating crash.

We understand this is a trying time for you and your loved ones and we encourage you to seek legal help as soon as possible. We look forward to helping you. It doesn’t cost you a penny for us to help you.

We work on a contingency basis, which means you pay NO LEGAL FEE, UNLESS WE WIN YOUR CASE.

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“With little to no knowledge on how to pursue the lady that hit me, I was educated quickly on the process of taking action. My own insurance company couldn’t even point me in the right direction. It didn’t help that this lady denied fault in the police report. However, because Blake and his team cared so much and believed in my case they were able to prove this lady was driving recklessly when she hit me. Despite the police officer taking a vague report of the actions that occurred that day, due to photos and where I was hit (passenger side doors) we were able to prove she was 100% at fault.

I can’t say this enough. Thank you so much Blake for treating me like family.”

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“Blake and his team handled my case with such care and professionalism! He is an outstanding lawyer, and I would definitely recommend him!”

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“Swan law firm is number one!! Blake Swan helped me out with my car accident and won my case. He is a kind person. This is a great law firm, I highly recommend it.”

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