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Blake’s mission to be of service to others. He works and fights hard for the people and serves his clients at the highest level possible. Blake aims to create relationships with his clients which allows him to stand with integrity while representing them. His final goal is to reach an ideal compensation in a timely manner for all his clients.

Blake Swan

Founding Attorney

I have always believed that my path was not to just be a man that I can be proud of but to be a man that others could rely on. To pass down to others the gifts that I have and hopefully make people’s lives a little better during the toughest of times.

I worked tirelessly in law school because I knew it was a pathway to live out my true purpose in life. I was in the top 10 percent of my law school class after my first semester and won a book award my first year, which is an award given to the best overall student in a particular subject.

Blake Swan Founding Attorney

I took three bar exams in a period of three years and passed them all on my first try. I joined a law firm shortly after law school and quickly became the highest producing associate.

I have dedicated my career to helping people who have been injured and will work tirelessly to get them the justice they deserve.

However, what I bring to the table is not just work ethic but compassion. It’s hard for people to understand what someone has been through, and my job is to help paint that picture. It is a picture that can only be drawn by someone that truly cares about their client, and it’s in that art that I feel is my greatest gift.

The only thing I care about more than my work is my beautiful family. I am a father, husband, brother, and son. I cherish the time spent with my family and my favorite hobby is boating. I grew up sailing as a child but also love motorboats.

I am a member of the Florida Bar, Tennessee Bar, Arkansas Bar, and Mississippi Bar and have represented injury victims in all five states and have recovered over $90,000,000.00 on their behalf.

Award-Winning Attorney

Blake Swan is Recognized for Excellence in the Field of Personal Injury Law:

  • Nationally Ranked in the TOP 10 — Under 40 (National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys)
  • Chosen by Peers as Top Personal Injury Litigator in West Palm Beach Illustrated Top Lawyers

Practice Areas

Education & Awards

  • Nationally Ranked in the TOP 10 — Under 40 (National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys)
  • Top Personal Injury Litigator in West Palm Beach Illustrated Top Lawyers


  • The Florida Bar
  • Tennessee Bar Association
  • Arkansas Bar Association
  • The Mississippi Bar

Client Reviews

Incredible experience with this law firm.

“With little to no knowledge on how to pursue the lady that hit me, I was educated quickly on the process of taking action. My own insurance company couldn’t even point me in the right direction. It didn’t help that this lady denied fault in the police report. However, because Blake and his team cared so much and believed in my case they were able to prove this lady was driving recklessly when she hit me. Despite the police officer taking a vague report of the actions that occurred that day, due to photos and where I was hit (passenger side doors) we were able to prove she was 100% at fault.

I can’t say this enough. Thank you so much Blake for treating me like family.”

S. R.
Google Review

I would definitely recommend him!

“Blake and his team handled my case with such care and professionalism! He is an outstanding lawyer, and I would definitely recommend him!”

A. T.
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Blake Is A
Great Lawyer

“Swan law firm is number one!! Blake Swan helped me out with my car accident and won my case. He is a kind person. This is a great law firm, I highly recommend it.”

G. B. F. L.
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